Finances FAQs

Q. How do your prices compare with bigger companies?

We believe that our solar PV systems offer excellent value for money. Whilst we may not have the same economies of scale or purchasing power as larger competitors, we also do not have the same overheads in terms of call centres and administration staff. We also save through limiting our operations to the West Yorkshire area.

Q. Does your price include for scaffolding?

Yes. The price we quote is the total price you will be expected to pay. We will not subsequently add on "extras".

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit?

Under the terms of the REAL scheme, we are allowed to request a deposit of 25% of the total price. To simplify matters, we generally ask for a deposit of under £1,000 which is significantly less than 25% of the total price. We prefer our customers to pay by electronic transfer if possible although we will accept cheques.

Q. Is my deposit safe?

Yes. We want to provide our customers with peace of mind so we ensure deposits are protected both in a dedicated (ringfenced) account and by an approved "Deposit and Advance Payment Insurance Scheme". We will clearly explain this to you before requesting payment.

Q. Will PV systems be dropping in price dramatically over the next few years?

Many developments are taking place in the PV industry and popularity is increasing. However, we would expect prices and performance to change gradually rather than a dramatic change. The government is interested in maintaining a consistent return on investment for systems installed now and over the coming years. On this basis we would expect government incentives to reduce as the cost/performance ratio improves.

Q. Does an investment in solar PV make economic sense?

Energy prices have increased dramatically in recent years and are widely predicted to continue to do so. We believe it makes sense to invest in this proven technology to generate electricity at home in a green and safe manner.

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