4kWp Solar PV System in Norfolk

Our customer had a bungalow with plenty of roof space to install solar panels. This would provide greater returns than simply saving in the bank, help to reduce their electricity bills and contribute to the battle against global warming.

The roof before solar panels were fitted


The bungalow had an unshaded south westerly facing roof with a 30° pitch. The roof had two air vents from the bathroom and kitchen which we had to work around.

On the Roof

We designed an array of 20 x 200w solar panels (a 4kWp system). We installed a row of 12 panels along the top and split the bottom row into two banks of four as we did not wish to interfere with the existing air vents. We centralised the PV array to avoid the edge of the roof surface where the wind uplift factor is greater. As we do not like to run the risk of cables rubbing against tile surfaces for prolonged periods we protected them in weatherproof conduit and used a modified tile vent to feed them safely into the loft area.

Solar Panels Norfolk

In the Loft

We selected an Eversolar 4000GB inverter to convert the DC current from the solar panels to AC for use in the house. Also visible in the photo below are the two grey DC isolators, the red/yellow AC isolator and the Solarbee transmitter for sending data about solar electricity production to a display in the customer's living room.

Eversolar 4000GB inverter to convert the solar power

Solar System Performance

The following graph shows the annual yield expected from the PV system - 3528kWh.

Graph showing the annual yield expected from the PV system

The End Result

Here is a picture showing the finished job from the back garden of the property.

Solar Panels - Norfolk
These 20 solar panels were installed on a bungalow in Norfolk in 2011.
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