3.43kWp Solar PV System in Lancashire

Our customer owned a large detached house and wanted to reduce his electricity bills. He and his wife worked from home a lot and would be able to utilise much of the free solar electricity the PV system would produce.

Solar Panel Location


The detached house had an unshaded south-facing slate roof with a 30° pitch.


On the Roof

The house was located in a conservation area so we took measures to minimise the visual impact. We therefore selected high performance black 245w REC solar panels. The hipped roof could accommodate a row of six panels above a row of eight to make a total PV system of 3.43kWp.


14 Solar PV Panels

In the Loft

We selected a Power One inverter to convert the DC electricity from the solar panels to AC for use in the house. This inverter is capable of handling two unequal strings so we connected the two rows of solar panels separately. It was fixed securely to a fireproof board as can be seen in the picture below.

Solar PV Inverter in Loft

The End Result

Here is a picture showing the finished solar installation as it looks from the ground.

Solar PV - Installed
Solar panels on roofSolar cable entrySolar flashing
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