2.25kWp Solar PV System in Northallerton

Our customer was renting this house out. He already had solar panels on his main home so understood the financial and environmental benefit of solar technology. He wanted to receive the generous Feed-in Tariff whilst reducing the property's energy bills. He had already received quotations from other solar installation companies for 8 and 10 panels but selected Medoria Solar due to our competitive price for a 9 panel solar PV system.

Solar Panel Location - Northallerton


The mid-terrace house had an unshaded south-facing slate roof with a 30° pitch.


On the Roof

We designed an array of 9 x 250w solar panels (a 2.25kWp PV system). These were arranged into a row of four above a row of five. This fitted nicely around the chimney and used all of the available roof surface.

Solar Panel Location - Northallerton

In the Loft

We selected an Eversolar 2000GB inverter to convert the DC electricity from the solar panels to AC for use in the house. It was fixed securely to the brickwork as can be seen in the picture below.

Solar PV Inverter

The End Result

Here is a picture showing the finished solar installation as it looks from the ground.

Solar Panel Location - Northallerton
Aligning PV panels for fittingSolar cable entrySolar Electric MeterSolar Inverter Screen
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