Solar PV - Our Environmental Policy

Medoria Solar recognises its responsibilities for the environment and is committed to working towards minimising the environmental impacts of its activities.

To achieve this we have adopted a simple philosophy: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


  • We continually look at new ways to reduce our energy consumption in our office, homes and vehicles.
  • We use low energy lighting running off our own solar panels.
  • Our company van runs on LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) which is greener, cheaper and cleaner than regular petrol or diesel.
  • We have invested in a duplex printer which enables us to print on both sides of a page thereby using less paper.
  • Our printer uses solid ink which produces up to 90% less printing waste than comparable colour laser devices.
  • We only print our emails if absolutely necessary.
  • The electricity supplied to our office is 100% green and renewable.
  • We switch off our appliances at night if possible.


  • We always look to reuse items before sending them for recycling or waste disposal.
  • All of our module mounting rails are measured and reused where possible.
  • We reuse old paperwork for notepads.
  • We use rechargeable batteries for our handheld devices and we recharge them using electricity from our solar panels.


  • We always recycle any item we can including paper, packaging and wooden pallets.
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