2kWp Solar PV System in Wakefield

Our customer wanted to install solar PV to take advantage of the generous Feed-in Tariff whilst reducing the carbon footprint of the property which is located between Wakefield and Leeds.

Solar Panel Installation in Wakefield


The semi-detached house had an unshaded south westerly facing tiled roof with a 30° pitch.

On the Roof

We designed an array of 10 x 200w solar panels (a 2kWp system). These were arranged into two rows of five, avoiding the edge of the roof surface where the wind uplift factor is greater.

10 Solar Panels in Wakefield

In the Loft

We selected an Eversolar 2000GB inverter to convert the DC current from the solar panels to AC for use in the house. It was fixed securely to a fire-proof board as can be seen in the picture below.

Eversolar 2000GB inverter

Solar System Performance

The following graph shows the annual yield expected from the system – 1676kWh.

Graph showing the annual yield expected from the system

The End Result

Here is a picture showing the finished job as it would be seen by a passer-by.

The completed installation of Solar PV panels
Using scaffolding fitting solar pv panelsInstalling solar panels on a roof requires scaffoldingAligning PV panels for fitting
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