3.5kWp Solar PV System in Wakefield

Our customer had already taken significant steps towards reducing energy consumption in their home by insulating their cavity walls and loft. They wanted to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills still further and take advantage of the Feed-in Tariff scheme. They approached several Wakefield-based solar panel installation companies for advice and selected Medoria Solar as their preferred installer because we proposed a system which represented best value for money.

Solar Panel Proposal - Wakefield


The detached house had several roof surfaces with roughly a 30° pitch. We proposed installing solar panels facing east, west and south with power optimisers to ensure maximum yield.

On the Roof

We designed an array of 14 x 250w Hyundai solar panels (a 3.50kWp PV system). We positioned 8 facing west, 2 facing south and 4 facing east in landscape orientation. This made optimum use of the available space and will give more even power generation throughout the day. The system is predicted to produce 2620kWh of electricity per year but due to the power optimisers attached to each panel we are confident it will perform considerably better than that.

Solar Panels Wakefield West
Solar Panels Wakefield South
Solar Panels Wakefield East
Solar Scaffolding WakefieldSolar Optimisers WakefieldSolar Hook and Flashing Wakefield
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