3.12kWp Solar PV System near Horbury, Wakefield

Our customer had been interested in installing solar panels for several months. He understood the financial benefits of installing solar panels and wanted a better return on his investment than simply saving in a bank. He had received quotations from other installers based in Leeds and Wakefield but chose Medoria Solar because we specified a system using high quality components at a sensible price.

Solar Panel Positions Horbury


The semi-detached house had a hipped roof with two suitable roof surfaces at roughly a 37° pitch. We proposed installing solar panels facing south-west and south-east, using power optimisers to ensure maximum yield.

On the Roof

We designed an array of 12 x 260w REC solar panels (a 3.12kWp PV system). We used the new solar limpet roof brackets to anchor the rails to the rafters. We positioned 9 facing south-west and 3 on the smaller hipped section facing south-east. This made optimum use of the available space and will give more even power generation throughout the day. The system is predicted to produce 2492kWh of electricity per year but due to the power optimisers attached to each panel we are confident it will perform considerably better than that.

9 Solar Panels Horbury
3 Solar Panels Horbury

In the Loft

We fed the cables through the roof and to the Solar Edge inverter which was located in the loft. You can see it along with the safety isolators in this photograph. An additional cable was attached which will carry generation data to the customer's computer via the internet so he will be able to monitor the output from his solar panels in real-time.

Solar Edge Inverter Horbury
Scaffold - HorburySolar Limpet Installation HorburySolar Limpets HorburySolar Limpet Close-up HorburySolar Limpets with Rails Horbury
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