After Installation

After Your Solar installation FAQs

Q. How can I monitor the output of my solar PV system?

We will give you a simple chart outlining our monthly predicted output for your system. At the end of each month you can compare the reading on your generation meter to see whether your system has performed better or worse than forecast. We can provide you with a "Desktop Monitor" which allows daily, weekly or monthly analysis of the output of your system. It looks a bit like a car Sat-Nav system. It can be connected to your home PC for your convenience. You will also monitor the output of your system through your reduced electricity bill!

Q. Is there a lot of paperwork for me to complete?

Most of the paperwork will be completed by Medoria Solar on your behalf. We will visit you several times before and after installation to guide you through the process. We will give you a comprehensive pack of documents about your solar system before we request the final payment.

Q. Do PV arrays need regular cleaning?

In the majority of locations, a solar array is self cleaned by rainfall. Arrays with very shallow pitches or in dusty or dirty sites may require a cleaning regime. As a rule of thumb we would recommend a clean once or twice a year to maximise output. We can include this as part of an annual maintenance check.

Q. What is the life expectancy of a PV system?

There should be little or no concern for the life of the installation. There are no moving parts so no servicing is required. Most solar modules come with a 25 year guarantee and inverters generally have a 5 year guarantee. However all system components should last considerably longer. We provide a 5 year workmanship warranty on our installations. Check your quotation for specific details.

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