Solar Installation Video

December 1, 2019

We are currently in the middle of another round of price hikes from the Big Six energy companies. SSE were the first to move with 9% increases on both gas and electricity. British Gas and NPower have just followed suit with above-inflation price rises which are most unwelcome just before winter. All the companies blame the wholesale cost of gas and declining North Sea reserves.

One solution to the problem of rising energy prices is to make use of free solar energy. We have produced the video below to show how simple it is to fit solar panels to the roof of a house. It only takes a day or two to complete such an installation and it will generate free solar power for decades. Installation costs have fallen dramatically in the past couple of years so it might be cheaper than you think.

Medoria Solar is a fully accredited installer of solar PV panels and serves customers in Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford and right across Yorkshire. We offer free advice, surveys and a no obligation quotation so we invite you to contact us to protect yourself against future rounds of energy price increases.

Solar panels installed on a domestic roofSolar power from the sunFour Solar Panels
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