Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets Report

December 1, 2019

Today’s report from OFGEM saying that the UK is ”at risk of electricity blackouts by 2015” should be a wake-up call for us all.

The key issues are:

1) Britain will face significant levels of gas imports increasing our exposure to uncertainties in the global gas market, supply disruption and potential price increases.

2) Given the levels of investment needed, there is a high likelihood of rising consumer bills, especially if oil and gas prices continue their underlying rise since 2003.

3) The closure of ageing power stations and the need to meet tough environmental targets.

Medoria Solar has a partial solution to these forthcoming problems for homeowners in Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford and across West Yorkshire. We install solar panels on customers’ roofs which can reduce electricity bills by over 50%. The investment pays for itself in under 10 years and the customers are protected from future energy price rises as they generate some of their electricity for free using solar power.

A wonderfully simple, tried and tested method of generating solar energy without damaging the environment!

Solar panels installed on a domestic roofSolar power from the sunFour Solar Panels
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