Solar Panel Blog

October 1, 2012

We thought it would be useful and entertaining to write a blog to update readers on developments within our company and to share our thoughts on the wider solar industry. Since we bought our first solar panel back in 2010 there have been dramatic reductions in the cost of components which have led to lower installation prices.

Microgeneration has grown from being a cottage industry to a multi-million pound sector which will continue to increase in importance as fossil fuel reserves dry up and become more expensive to extract. We love solar power because it is clean, green, renewable and can be installed in only a couple of days.

Our customers in Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford and across Yorkshire are benefitting from free solar energy every day. They are claiming the generous Feed-in Tariff and reaping the rewards of investing their savings in solar panels. Whilst the most generous cash ISA will pay around 3% interest per year, our customers are seeing double digit returns whilst also adding value to their homes and sheltering themselves from expected increases in energy prices. They also know that they are doing their bit for the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

In the weeks to come we will review some of the highs and lows of the past couple of years reflecting on what we have achieved and learnt along the way. We will also focus on the future of solar power as the industry responds to changes in government policy whilst keeping an eye on manufacturers who are constantly releasing innovative products with the hope of utilising solar technology in a more efficient manner.

Solar panels installed on a domestic roofSolar power from the sunFour Solar Panels
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